Build your first iOS or Android wearable app in 10 minutes

Easily connect to multiple Wearables. Use the compute power of the Mobile device to interpret the data and identify interesting events. And even add magic to recognize gestures!

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How does it work?

Device Connectivity

Device Connectivity

Our Wearable Connectivity SDK makes it simple to connect with multiple and different Wearable devices. Utilize one of our ready-made connectors or easily build your own connector.

A data abstraction layer assures that you won’t need to modify your algorithms to accommodate for different Wearable device models.

Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation

The Interpretation SDK helps you tune to the data that comes from Wearable Devices and translate it into better understanding of events, situations and user’s context. Exemplary Interpretation algorithms are available out of the box. Utilize the Interpretation SDK to add quickly your own algorithms.

Gesture Recognition

Gesture Recognition

We provide you with an algorithm generator that will make gesture recognition as easy as it can be.

Use our app to record a series of movements. A corresponding Interpretation algorithm will be generated for you. Use the SDK to have your app identify that gesture!

Free and easy to use

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Wearables are cool and are becoming widely spread. As enterprises are starting to utilize them, they are no longer geek-only gizmos. With just a little help, you will be able to build your first iOS or Android Mobile Wearable app in a fraction of the time.

  • Know where to start your journey with Wearable development
  • Understand what pattern you need to follow
  • Interpret Devices’ raw data without having to master the science behind
  • Build solutions that leverage on the compute power of the Mobile device
  • Add magic utilizing gesture recognition
  • Easily pair your app with any of our IBM Cloud solutions: MobileFirst Platform, Watson or Bluemix.

Code Samples

With the well-documented Swift code samples and examples you can jump-start developing your own app. All you have to do is insert your code and go!


Build great solutions

Signal a crane operator to stop when a worker in a noisy environment raises his arm.

Make sure kids are brushing their teeth.

Remind people to drink water (but only if they haven't done that recently!).

Alert the family when old people fall down at home.

Turn on the lights with a wave of a hand.

Assure restaurant employees wash their hands before they get back to work.

Get started now

Getting Started
  1. Register to get your free activation code for the Gesture Recognition algorithm generator
  2. Download the SDK, code samples and documentation from
  3. Stay tuned to news and updates!

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